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Introducing New Creative Market
Introducing New Creative Market
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We're excited to introduce you to our new creative market page. Check out the update information below and see how we improved this page!

Merged 'Featured' and 'Creative Market' pages into one

Previously, we had two separate pages for featured templates and template searching. 

As the number of templates and collections have grown substantially over the last few years, we wanted to offer you a more seamless experience when searching for a template and to help you do that we're happy to launch the new creative market page.

Now you can easily check out all of our template collections and search for a template you want in one place!

In the top right corner you have quick access to all collections, and also to the filter function. You can still see all video templates by clicking the filter button and filter for any (or none!) attribute of the video you want to make.

A powerful new filter button 

Our new filter button allows you to find a template that suits you more quickly and efficiently. 

From aspect ratio to video length and feel, all the search options can be filtered in one place. Simply choose the options you want and hit the start search button to find a template that fits your needs. If you do not select any filter options, you'll simply see all templates available, just like the old Browse section.

Get inspired by our curated collections

You can easily browse through carefully curated collections ready for you and even preview each template on the page.

New Video Modal Look

We also have an updated look and functionality to the Video Modal. Now when you use filters to find a template that suits your needs you will clearly see which variations of a template matches your search, but you can also view other variations in the same template family. 

We hope you find our new creative market page useful, and please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback.  

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