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What kind of video files can I upload in Editor?
What kind of video files can I upload in Editor?

Shakr supports .mp4 formatted files encoded with H.264(MPEG-4 AVC) codecs

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If your files end with .mp4 extension, for most cases the file will upload fine to the Editor without problems.

Supported file extensions:

mp4, m4v, mov, webm

Other files with different extensions not listed above (AVI, MKV, MTS...) cannot be used in all browsers. Sometimes you can get an error message even if the file is an mp4 file. This is probably because the codec used inside the file is not supported by our system.

Supported video codecs:

H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC), VP8, VP9

Regardless of the file extension, if your video file uses a codec that is not listed above, we cannot guarantee your video will work in our system.

If you need to use a video file that is not natively supported by Shakr, try using a third-party app that converts video files to MP4 with H.264(MPEG-4 AVC/x264) codec.

Depending on which OS and browser you use, you may encounter problems with certain video files when you try to import them to the Editor. Please refer to the table below for details.

Last tested on February 8, 2017 with latest available versions of browsers. Please always use the latest versions of the browsers to avoid any unexpected issues.

Video file size:

500 MB max

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