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How do I make a video with Shakr?
How do I make a video with Shakr?

The basics of using Shakr

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Making videos with Shakr is easy! Here are the steps that you can follow:

1. Create a new Project

Creating a new Project is the first step of video-making with Shakr. A Project is where you can organize all of your video-related creatives (e.g. video designs, data-feeds and video-outputs). Click on "Create new Project" button in the Shakr Studio dashboard screen.

2. Choose a video design template

Once you have created a project, it is time to upload or import video designs. If you don't have any of your own brand's video design templates you can import one from +1,500 video designs that are provided in Shakr's Creative Market to start off with.

Not so sure how to find a video template that suit you? Check out our basic guidelines.

3. Create a new Video Output

Now that you have selected a video design, let's start creating a single video output! Firstly, click on the "+ Create New" button in the Video Outputs section.

Check that you have the correct video design. Then click 'Confirm' button to proceed to the video editor.

4. Edit the video in your own way!

If you’re new to Shakr, we highly recommend you follow our interactive tutorial in the video editor, as it walks you through the necessary steps of video-editing. To re-enable this tutorial, click the "gear icon" in the bottom-left of the editor, followed by "view the tutorial again."Please refer to the screenshot below:

After following the interactive tutorial, if you're still not sure how to use it, we can help you step by step too. Simply click the blue button in the bottom right corner and ask for help!

If you need any additional help, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or via the blue chat bubble at the bottom right corner of this page.

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