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What features are limited when using Ad Blockers

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While Shakr's core functionality is untouched by Ad Blockers, we rely on several services to better help our customers. One such example is Intercom, a service we rely on to provide you with the personal, direct customer support you deserve. With Intercom you have direct access to our customer support through a convenient and permanently-visible chat bubble button in the bottom-right or top-right corners of our site and editor, respectively. Clicking this will immediately bring up a conversation window that allows you to get in direct touch with one of our (real-life!) colleagues at Shakr. 

If you happen to be using an Ad Blocker, please be sure to either whitelist entirely, or the specific services used for customer support (these are Segment and Intercom — the former is used to load the latter). This way we can be there to help you. 

Some popular Ad Blockers that can affect our customer support chat bubble are:

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